The fast-rising young Folk Metal stars of Krampus have always known how to impress: Garnering wide attention with their first demos only a few years ago, they have subsequently released their full-length debut in August 2012 to critical acclaim and followed up with a European tour joining Finland’s genre leaders Wintersun and Korpiklaani on Heidenfest. Upon completion of their tour, the band has returned to writing mode a mere 6 months after their last release, and is now emerging stronger than ever, with an evolved line-up and a brand new sound that shows multiple genres how it’s done. They have searched for and found their sound, perfecting modern influences and keeping their unique folk instrumentation alive at the same time – one of only a handful of bands succeeding in what many have tried in recent years.only a handful of bands succeeding in what many have tried in recent years.



FILIPPO GIANOTTI: Singer, main songwriter
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MARIKA GEREMIA: Violin, Backvocals
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MATTEO SISTI: Flutes, Bagpipes, Irish Bouzouki
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  1. Damn god AWESOME!!!
    Hi, my Name is Philipp and me and my friends just lobe your music, one of my absolutly favorite bands! I am Living in the area of darmstadt/germany and I know you since about 2 years and yeah, there was a real Period of a view months in that me and my friends could Not stop listening to you. And our big gestern wish was a New album release p
    of you, and my only reason to create an own instagram Account was to notice when there will be a New release. And now, there came a message during my music lesson, that there is a New Video of krampus on YouTube and I Automaticly Jumper of. 5 Minuten later, beginning break, I watch it and i was the happiest guy on earth, although the math test tomorrow!
    So please just go on, like you did, with this Awesome rhytms and mixed-things of very well-Played guitar/bass and this Folk riffs.
    And if there will Come a tour, we really would wish a Concert in darmstadt (in centralstation) or neighboorhood, like schlossgrabenfest, traffic jam open air, nonstock festival, there are many cool Festivals here!
    Go on! Philipp


  2. OMG…why this always happens… I find new music, that goes right into my heart, but then i see that they probably won’t make music anymore 😦 or do you work on new music?! you would make one little swiss heart happy!


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